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2020 Mount Emei

2020/9/16 16:29:05News

  Emei is located within the boundaries of the Sichuan Mt. Emei city Prominent peak Wan Foding elevation 3079.3 meters.
On the Mt. Emei mountain altogether has in small Buddhist templedozens of locations, in the temple the collection has many fineBuddhism cultural relic. Jin Ding and Wan Foding neighboring, theelevation 3077.96 meters, here mountain stratus cloud, the scenery isgrand, the tourist may in steep absorb nearby the body crag toappreciate the sunrise, the cloud sea, the Buddha light, the saintlamp four big marvelous sights. Mt. Emei by its Buddhism culture andthe original enchanting scenery, is attracting the square tourist,leads the people that male Xiu imaginary certainly marvelous boundary.
It took 15 hours in total. Through everyone helping each other, we successfully ascended to Jin Ding,This is an unforgettable experience for us.